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Jean-Claude Juncker and Günther Oettinger - Our Speakers on Europe

Jean-Claude Juncker and Günther Oettinger look back on many years of European experience and possess plenty of European competence. In the upcoming Brexit year, their competence and their assessment of the situation is probably in high demand.

Our speaker Jean-Claude Juncker is regarded as the motor and pioneer of European unification. Between 1989 and 2009, he was Luxembourg's Minister of Finance and as such an important architect of the Maastricht Treaty, in which he is largely responsible for the clauses on economic and monetary union. As Prime Minister of Luxembourg, he was President of the European Council and President of the Euro Group. From 2014 to 2019 our speaker Jean-Claude Juncker was President of the European Commission. For Jean-Claude Juncker Europe is a matter close to his heart, which will not let go of him even after his departure from the office of Commission President.

Günther Oettinger also withdrew from active politics last year after almost four decades. For almost a decade he represented Germany in the EU Commission in Brussels and as EU Commissioner he set priorities in three important departments. In doing so, he always took a clear position for Europe and impressed even his initial critics with how quickly he got to grips with various topics. Our speaker, Günther Oettinger, is an exceptional politician who is considered a good listener and a skilful negotiator. After initially holding the office of Energy Commissioner in Brussels and being Vice-President of the Commission, he became EU Commissioner for Digital Economy in 2014. From 2017 to 2019 he was EU Commissioner for Budget and Personnel. Being close to the citizens makes Günther Oettinger a popular guest speaker, impressing with profound experiences and clear positions.