Society & Culture

Presenters and journalists, historians and philosophers, sociologists and bestselling authors - they are all included in the category "Society & Culture". The presenters of London Speaker Bureau are adept and experienced in guiding people through a wide variety of events – panel discussions, gala evenings, award ceremonies, company events, no matter if on-site, hybrid or virtual. Our keynote speakers and after dinner speakers highlight socially relevant topics and inspire their audiences. They enable people to think outside the box and give new insights.


These podcasts and talks with speakers in this category might also be of interest to you.

  • Talks: Episode 26

    Eliza Filby meets London Speaker Bureau

    As the UK's leading voice on intergenerational issues, Eliza Filby is a much sought-after speaker. Generational Intelligence and Age Diversity are the topics she addresses and gives thought-provoking talks on. As an employer, how do I harmonize different generations in the company? How do I understand and take into …

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  • Podcasts: Episode 24

    Chat Club with Anastasia Biefang

    Lieutenant Colonel of the German Air Force, First openly transgender battalion commander in the Bundeswehr

    This week's Chat Club guest is our speaker Anastasia Biefang. As the first openly transgender battalion commander in the German armed forces, she is a tireless advocate for diversity - not only in the Bundeswehr. Anastasia Biefang lived as …

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  • Talks: Episode 24

    Viviane Reding meets Hajo Schumacher

    Viviane Reding is one of the most distinguished European politicians. Whether as EU Commissioner for Media and Information Society, EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship or as Vice-President of the European Commission - Viviane Reding has spent decades campaigning for Europe and the rights of …

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  • Talks: Episode 23

    Franca Parianen Lesemann meets Hajo Schumacher

    Franca Parianen is a neuroscientist, successful science slammer and bestselling author. In her popular science bestsellers, she brings her research results to readers in a humorous and understandable way. In LSB Insights, our virtual talk series, she talks to Hajo Schumacher about how hormones influence our lives and …

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