November 7, 2023 in Geopolitics

A Look at the Middle East: Exclusive Interview with Antonia Rados

Our speaker Antonia Rados has reported from the world's war and crisis regions for more than four decades. She is a profound expert on the Middle East and the Arab world.

Antonia Rados as a Speaker

In her presentations, the award-winning journalist and Middle East expert impresses with her in-depth knowledge of the region and her far-sighted view of the global political context. Her deep understanding of the Middle East, its history, culture and the complex challenges facing the region makes her an indispensable voice in reporting on this important region.

Exclusive interview

In our exclusive interview, she shares her unique insights and analyses and impresses with her experience and deep understanding of the political and social dynamics of the region.

Antonia Rados talks about the complex challenges of the Middle East, about connections and interests: Who supports whom in the Middle East? Where do the supporters of Hamas come from? What interests does China have in the region and what role does Qatar play?

Rados explains the complex geopolitical relationships and the impact of these powers on the stability of the entire region. Her clear and well-founded analyses shed light on the often opaque world of the Middle East.