December 20, 2023 in Geopolitics

Geopolitical Insights- Exklusive-Interview with our Speaker Sigmar Gabriel

In an exclusive interview, former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel answered our questions on current geopolitical events and provided exclusive insights.

Topics of our exclusive conversation

The focus of the conversation ranges from Europe's involvement in the climate summit to its international role in the Middle East conflict.

One of the topics of our interview were the results of the climate summit in Dubai and Sigmar Gabriel's well-founded assessment of them. Despite potential challenges, he is optimistic about the future and emphasises that the end of one conference always marks the beginning of preparations for the next.

Europe's performance at the climate conference in Dubai and in the climate debate are also the subject of the exclusive interview with our speaker Sigmar Gabriel, as is Europe's international role, for example in the Middle East conflict.

How is Europe seen internationally?

Gabriel takes a look at how Europe is perceived on the world stage and sheds light on the current state of the European security architecture. In particular, Europe's behaviour in the Middle East conflict and Sigmar Gabriel's assessment of the chances of peace in the region are discussed in detail.

Sigmar Gabriel as speaker

Sigmar Gabriel's assessments and perspectives are also in great demand as a lecturer, as our speaker Sigmar Gabriel has an excellent international network and can provide impressive insights.