February 2, 2024 in Geopolitics

Geopolitics Talk with Jean Asselborn

Jean Asselborn: "The world has become one big challenge"

Geopolitics Talk with Jean Asselborn

Jean Asselborn was Luxembourg's Foreign Minister for almost two decades. The longest-serving EU foreign minister has now retired - but hardly anyone has left such a lasting impression on the European stage.

Convinced and Committed European

Jean Asselborn is a convinced and committed European who stands up for the values of the community, for freedom and democracy and for freedom of movement - always aware that none of this can be taken for granted. To him, Europe is part of everyday life in the Greater Region of Luxembourg.

Ukraine and the Middle East - What does the future hold?

In our exclusive geopolitics talk, Jean Asselborn discusses how the developments in Ukraine and the Middle East have changed the world and turned it into a single challenge, as he puts it.

Another topic of our conversation is how peace and security can be achieved in the Middle East and how he sees Europe's role in this. How could peace negotiations for the Middle East look?

Migration and the enlargement of the EU are also topics of our exclusive conversation.