October 6, 2023 - 2 min read

AI, Chatbots and ChatGPT - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic - Part 4

Would you like a comprehensive overview of leading minds in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We have set up a new search filter at this link that presents all speakers and experts on this top topic.

AI, Chatbots and ChatGPT - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic - Part 4

Niklas Bergman: Serial Entrepreneur and Visionary

One of our standout speakers is Niklas Bergman, an experienced serial entrepreneur and investor who has focused on growth technologies for over 30 years. Bergman is considered the world's leading thought leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reliably navigates the world of technological innovation. His lectures are based on solid facts and present future trends. As a passionate tech fan, he always keeps his finger on the pulse.

Mona Sloane: Sociologist and Expert on ethics in technology.

Mona Sloane, sociologist and internationally recognised expert on the social impact of design and technology, addresses the social impact of AI, the role of ethics in technology and the need for responsible AI in her talks. She offers a comprehensive insight into the world of AI and discusses new approaches to AI control as well as different areas of application.

Dominik Bösl: Expert for Robotics and Digitalisation

Dominik Bösl, Germany's leading expert on robotics and artificial intelligence, shares insights into the world of automation and digitalisation of tomorrow in his lively keynotes. As the former Technology Owner of Kuka, the market leader in industrial robotics, and current Professor of Digital Sciences, Automation and Leadership at the Bavarian Business School, he brings extensive experience to the table. He emphasises the importance of responsible innovation for the sustainable technologisation of everyday life.

Katharina Anna Zweig: Expert for Socioinformatics and Social Algorithms

Katharina Anna Zweig, renowned IT expert and thought leader on socioinformatics, focuses on how algorithms can be better used to answer social questions. She is a sought-after policy advisor and speaker, giving keynotes on the impact of socially relevant algorithms and decision-making systems. Her research topics, including debates around fake news and forms of copyright in Europe, are highly relevant to society and policy.

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