June 19, 2024 - 2 min read

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Katja Diehl

Many of our speakers are not only outstanding keynote speakers, but also talented authors who publish inspiring books.

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Katja Diehl

We use this space to regularly draw attention to current new publications and take a closer look at them. We invite you to join us to discover the latest books by our speakers that are worth talking about.

Raus aus der AUTOkratie
The bestselling author Katja Diehl is an indispensable advocate for a world worth living in for everyone and for a long overdue turnaround in mobility. Her second book "Raus aus der AUTOkratie - Rein in die Mobilität von Morgen" is driven by the question of why we are still at a standstill when it comes to the mobility transformation.

"I am stunned that a country like Germany is just as lethargic in accepting rising emissions in the transport sector as it is in accepting ever greater demand for resources," writes Katja Diehl in her book and gets to the bottom of the reasons for this.

Among other things, she examines the status quo of the transport sector and car policy as well as the car industry and society, and writes about legal obstacles, planning and system errors, lobbying and industrial policy. Numerous interviews with experts on these topics enable the reader to gain new perspectives and recognise new connections.

What is justice today?
Katja Diehl wants to " spark her readers' enthusiasm for the idea of fair mobility that benefits everyone" and explores the question of what it says about a highly developed country like Germany that in many regions only those who can afford a driving licence AND a car can live.

A journey of possibilities
With her current Spiegel bestseller "Raus aus der AUTOkratie", Katja Diehl wants to give hope and show that everything is possible if we just want to and work together as a team. Entertaining, inspiring and worth reading, she takes us on a journey of possibilities into a world in which mobility is rethought.

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