April 23, 2024 - 2 min read

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Léa Steinacker

Many of our speakers are not only outstanding keynote speakers, but also talented authors who publish inspiring books.

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Léa Steinacker

We use this space to regularly draw attention to current new publications and take a closer look at them. We invite you to join us to discover the latest books by our speakers that are worth talking about.

Everything everywhere all at once

"Everything everywhere all at once. How artificial intelligence is changing our world and what we can gain from it" is the title of the bestseller written by our speaker Léa Steinacker together with Miriam Meckel.

Léa Steinacker is an award-winning journalist, social scientist and entrepreneur whose research focuses on the interaction of technology with people, methods and the planet. Léa Steinacker is co-founder and CEO of the digital platform ada and a sought-after speaker on the impact of technology - especially AI.

Opportunities and risks of AI

In her bestseller "Everything everywhere at once", she and Miriam Meckel show what opportunities artificial intelligence offers now that it is available to everyone for the first time thanks to ChatGPT. For Steinacker and Meckel, this means we are at a crucial threshold in our cultural evolution. For them, however, this is no cause for concern, as we are not in danger of being wiped out by AI. But it is our task to steer its development in the right direction so that we can utilise the immense opportunities offered by AI.

The dangers of AI are also examined in detail. For example, the fact that a new season has dawned in the political landscape, because technological support, which also enables disinformation, has turned political communication into a combat zone. Steinacker and Meckel cite numerous examples, such as the mayoral election in Toronto or the current presidential election campaign in the USA.

The journey into a new era has begun

The bestselling authors explain in detail what we need to know about artificial intelligence and give their readers hope:
"The journey into a new age has begun. So let's buckle up, turn all the dials to open-mindedness and curiosity and get ready for the leap into the AI multiverse."

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