May 13, 2024 - 2 min read

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Volker Busch

Many of our speakers are not only outstanding keynote speakers, but also talented authors who publish inspiring books.

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers:  Volker Busch

We use this space to regularly draw attention to current new publications and take a closer look at them. We invite you to join us to discover the latest books by our speakers that are worth talking about.

Head up!

In his latest book ‘Kopf Hoch! Mental gesund und stark in herausfordernden Zeiten" (Head up! Mentally healthy and strong in challenging times), Volker Busch describes how we can find security in a world in which certainties have been lost.

Protecting mental health

As a neuroscientist and expert in brain health, motivation and inspiration, Prof. Dr. Volker Busch knows what he is talking about when he shows us in his latest book how we can strengthen our mental defence system to better cope with the challenges of our time. Volker Busch shows us how we can protect and maintain our mental health.

Uncertainty and insecurity

In the five chapters of his latest book, he explains, among other things, how we can better tolerate uncertainty and protect ourselves from negativity, as it is not only the shift in the economic and political axes of power and the consequences of the pandemic that are causing great uncertainty. ‘The world seems to be crazy in parts’, as Volker Busch writes. And we have to learn to deal with it.

Strong, stable and courageous

Volker Busch gives us the tools we need to do this, showing us how we can stop brooding and develop a sense of humour and lightness despite multiple crises. ‘Cheer up!’ he calls out to us and encourages us to go into the future strong and stable and to face the future with courage. He shows us things we can do to feel secure and gain confidence in difficult times.

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