December 8, 2022 - 2 min read

Book Recommendations for the 2nd Advent - News from our Speakers and Experts

This year we want to speed up the waiting time until Christmas with weekly book recommendations.

Book Recommendations for the 2nd Advent - News from our Speakers and Experts

Five books recomenndations for the second week of Advent To read for yourself or to give as a gift

In his current book "Welche Zukunft hat die soziale Marktwirtschaft?", our speaker Michael Hüther offers an overview of the state and prospects of the social market economy. Due to digitalisation and geopolitical power conflicts, the social market economy is increasingly under pressure. Professor Hüther is Director of the German Economic Institute in Cologne. The renowned economist impresses in his book as well as in his lectures with his ability to present complex contexts in an understandable way.

With Richard David Precht and Harald Welzer, two of our speakers have written a book together. In "Die vierte Gewalt - Wie Mehrheitsmeinung gemacht wird, auch wenn sie keine ist", they explore the question of how a liberal democracy with a plural media landscape can endanger itself in such a way and what the published opinion actually represents when it coincides so little with the public view. Harald Welzer and Richard David Precht are among the most distinguished and well-known German intellectuals. They are best-selling authors and much sought-after speakers.

Jonas Deichmann has circumnavigated the globe in a triathlon. He has now published the illustrated book "Das Limit bin nur ich - Der Bildband: Als erster Mensch im Triathlon um die Welt". Amazing, spectacular and touching pictures document his triathlon around the world and the experiences he had along the way. Pictures of the preparation tours of our speaker Jonas Deichmann can also be found in the wonderful illustrated book. In his talks, Jonas Deichmann not only shows impressive pictures, but also lets his listeners participate in his adventures and his lessons for everyday life.

Katja Diehl received the Readers' Prize of the German Business Book Award for "Autokorrektur - Mobilität für eine lebenswerte Welt". In it, our speaker Katja Diehl makes the case for an inclusive and climate-friendly transport turnaround and inspires an appetite for a society that builds a climate-friendly future together. With verve, know-how and creativity, she also shares her expertise in her presentations and shows how a better quality of life can be achieved together in cities and in the countryside.

With the subtitle "Climate Change and the Realignment of World Politics", Joschka Fischer's book "Zeitenbruch" was published this year. In it, our speaker Joschka Fischer shows how the global economy is now slowly embracing the decarbonisation of energy production to preserve our livelihoods. But he also shows that international politics is failing in some places, despite the Paris Climate Agreement, and examines the reasons why.

More book recommendations will follow in the third week of Advent.

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