March 18, 2022 - 2 min read

Book Releases by our Speakers

The Leipzig Book Fair , the largest spring meeting of the book industry, had to be cancelled again this year due to Corona, but selected parts of the planned programme nevertheless take place decentrally in Leipzig and virtually on the internet. And still, of course, numerous new books will be published this spring - also by our speakers. So we are using the occasion to present selected new book publications by our speakers here.

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New books by our speakers

For example, our speaker Klaus von Dohnanyi underlines with "Nationale Interessen” the urgency of putting Germany's alliances and foreign policy to the test. An impressive book full of impressive foresight - not only in view of current events.

Our speaker Katja Diehl has presented her first book, "Autokorrektur - Mobilität für eine lebenswerte Welt”, in which she deals with her heartfelt topic of the traffic turnaround. The mobility expert outlines visions for a mobile world of tomorrow and shows that mobility is also possible without a car. With clever solutions and visions, our speaker shows that the transport turnaround should not be thought of in terms of the car, but that it is also about avoiding and shortening journeys.

With "Was Politiker nicht sagen", Gregor Gysi takes a look behind the scenes of the political establishment and shares a lot of anecdotes. In his usual eloquent manner, our speaker shows that politics is about majorities and not about truths. His latest book is as entertaining and instructive as Gregor Gysi's lectures.

Our speaker Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is one of the pioneers of German environmental policy. In his current book "So reicht das nicht!” he looks at the often national measures and ideas with great concern and criticism, because the challenges of climate change are far worse than they were 50 years ago.

USA expert Josef Braml writes in "The Transatlantic Illusion" about the new world order and how we can assert ourselves in it, Josef Braml explains why we need to become more independent, analyses the geopolitical situation and explores the question of who we can still rely on.

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