July 8, 2022 - 2 min read

Books for your Summer Holiday

No matter whether you spend your summer holiday at the beach or in the mountains - a good book is always a good travel companion

Books for your Summer Holiday

The summer break and offers enough peace and quiet to read an exciting, informative or entertaining book. Some of our speakers and experts have published a new book this year that is worth adding to your holiday reading list.

Books of our speakers for your holiday reading list

In his cutting-edge book "Die transatlantische Illusion: Die neue Weltordnung und wie wir uns darin behaupten können", America expert Josef Braml shows how Germany and Europe can maintain prosperity and security in the new world order, how the path to European sovereignty looks like and why we can no longer rely on the USA. Our speaker Josef Braml is Secretary General of the German Group of the Trilateral Commission and has more than 20 years of experience in applied research and consulting at leading global think tanks, including the German Council on Foreign Relations.

The fact that our speaker Mojib Latif's "Countdown. What we can still do about the climate catastrophe", has become a Spiegel bestseller, shows how much the topic of climate change is important for all of us. In his latest book, the professor of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel examines, among other things, the consequences of climate change and what we can still do about it - because climate change with extreme heat and long-lasting drought has also long since arrived in Germany.

In his current book "Fascism: And How to Stop It", the British best-selling author and journalist Paul Mason explains what fascism is and what can be done against the resurgence of fascism. Mason also looks back and draws parallels between the past and the present, traces the terror methods of Hitler and Mussolini and argues that the current accumulation of crises creates a similar breeding ground. Deutschlandfunk calls Paul Mason's book "a wise warning against the dangers of a new fascism".

Our speaker Armin Falk shows in "Warum es so schwer ist, ein guter Mensch zu sein" that we often want the good but then fail to do it. According to Germany's leading behavioural economist, we are actually not as good as we think we are. Using numerous precise examples, Armin Falk shows under which circumstances we behave morally and when we do not. The Leibniz Prize winner has been studying the fundamentals of human behaviour for many years, paying particular attention to questions of morality and inequality. In his latest book, he shares his research findings with his readers. Armin Falk shows what keeps us from being a good human being and how we can change that.

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