December 1, 2023 - 3 min read

COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai - Our Experts and Speakers on the Topic

The UN Climate Change Conference COP28 is currently taking place in Dubai. Until the 12th of December, around 70,000 participants are discussing issues such as phasing out fossil fuels and increasing the share of renewable energies.

COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai - Our Experts and Speakers on the Topic

Many of our speakers and experts deal with topics relating to energy and climate.

For example Prof Claudia Kemfert. Germany's best-known environmental economist is Professor of Energy Economics and Energy Policy at Leuphana University and Head of the Energy, Transport and Environment Department at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Claudia Kemfert has no great expectations of the UN Climate Change Conference. She spoke to MDR Aktuell about a " fake climate conference", as there is a conflict of interest since the host, the United Arab Emirates, is one of the largest oil producers in the world.

Our speaker Timo Leukefeld is a pioneer in the energy and solar industry and a specialist in the living of the future. The energy and future expert has a vision of a genuine community reorientation in energy issues. The centrepiece of his research is networked energy self-sufficiency, on which he also gives sustainable lectures. In his keynotes, he shows new ways of dealing with resources and energy and how the energy transition 4.0 can succeed. Timo Leukefeld impressively demonstrates why we live in a world with unlimited energy and how we can utilise it.

Our speakers Claudia Kleinert and Sven Plöger are not only Germany's best-known TV weather presenters, but also committed experts when it comes to the topic of climate change. Both have made a name for themselves as speakers, passing on their expertise and passion for environmental issues in inspiring talks. Claudia Kleinert impresses with her extensive knowledge of weather phenomena and climatology and conveys the complex interrelationships of climate change in an understandable way. Sven Plöger is also an expert in the field of climate change. His presentations are characterised by a successful mixture of expertise and humour. Both sensitise their audiences to the urgency of environmental protection measures and call on them to take responsibility.

Inspiring Speakers and Environmentalists

Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh has also been concerned with climate change and its consequences for many years. With his spectacular swims, he repeatedly draws attention to the vulnerability of the oceans and international waters. In the run-up to the COP27 climate conference in Egypt, for example, he swam through the Red Sea to draw attention to the destruction of coral reefs caused by ongoing climate change. In his highly acclaimed presentations, our speaker Lewis Pugh not only uses examples to show the damage that climate change has already caused, but also urgently calls for a rethink.

Melati Wijsen is an inspiring speaker and passionate environmentalist. She gained international recognition at a young age for her impressive commitment to environmental issues. She founded "Bye Bye Plastic Bags" to ban plastic bags from the environment and is committed to environmental education and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. In her keynotes, our speaker Melati Wijsen shares her vision of a sustainable, plastic-free future and inspires us to take responsibility for our planet and work together towards a sustainable future.

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