December 10, 2021 - 1 min read

December 10th - Acting Wisely and Living Well

Rolf Dobelli shows ways to act wisely and live well

December 10th - Acting Wisely and Living Well

Rolf Dobelli gives tips for acting wisely and living well in his bestsellers as well as in his lectures. In an interview with Der Spiegel, however, he admitted that he himself does not always succeed in following his advice either.

But he has succeeded with ease for years to do without news. For Rolf Dobelli, news is "short news from all over the world", as we get it in the usual news programmes or when surfing the net: News about accidents, political meetings, stock market reports or gossip from the celebrity world, almost 100% of which have no relevance to our own lives. According to Rolf Dobelli, this news distracts us, makes us see the world negatively and, last but not least, robs us of a lot of time.

Rolf Dobelli himself only consumes selected magazines and publications and has lived very well with them for years. He also talked about this in our Chat Club podcast a few months ago.

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