December 18, 2021 - 1 min read

December 18th - Weather or Climate Change?

Sven Plöger talks about weather phenomena and climate change

December 18th - Weather or Climate Change?

Sven Plöger is one of the best-known and most popular weather presenters on German television. He effortlessly manages to transfer this enthusiasm about the climate and the weather to his viewers.

Sven Plöger as a guest on our talk show

In LSB Focus a few months ago, he helped us to understand extreme weather events such as the flood disaster in the Ahr valley and explained in a very vivid way how such catastrophes can occur.

Sven Plöger also participates in the debates on climate change and the energy transition as a welcome and competent guest in numerous talk shows and major TV shows. In addition, he writes guest articles on the current climate debate, for example for Handelsblatt, mare or Euro am Sonntag, as well as bestselling books.

Sven's lectures are humorous, captivating, entertaining and at the same time scientifically sound. He enthuses his audience for his topics and makes their importance apparent.

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