August 30, 2023 - 2 min read

Diversity and Inclusion – Our Speakers and Experts on a Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

Our speakers and experts show how to build a diverse and inclusive corporate culture and how everybody can benefit from it.

Diversity and Inclusion – Our Speakers and Experts on a Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

Dr Michelle Penelope King, for example, is a world-renowned expert on gender equality and organizational culture. For more than a decade she has been researching how workplaces can work for everyone. Our speaker Michelle King has over two decades of international private sector experience, including as Director of Inclusion at Netflix. As leader of UN Women's Global Innovation Coalition for Change, she has managed, among other things, over 30 partnerships with the private sector to accelerate gender equality and women's empowerment. As a speaker, Michelle King draws on a wealth of experience.

Ali Mahlodji is the founder of the internet platform whatchado. His start-up tells several thousand career stories to help people find their true calling. Ali and his start-up have received numerous awards for this form of video employer branding and watchado is the market leader in the German-speaking region shortly after it was founded. Regardless of age, gender, origin, skin color, disability or sexual orientation, Ali wants to inspire people to discover and go their own way. Our speaker Ali Mahlodji shows in his keynotes that diversity and inclusion are not a matter of negotiation, but the foundations of the future.

Our speaker Henry Rose Lee is one of the few experts on inter-generational diversity in the workplace. She supports companies in creating a workplace for employees of different generations where everyone feels comfortable and where everyone - from the youngest talent to the most experienced best ager - becomes a top performer. Henry advises international clients from a wide range of industries such as technology, housing, pharmaceuticals and finance and is the author of three books in which, as well as in her keynotes, she makes a valuable contribution to inter-generational work.

Susie Wolff can look back on an impressive career in male-dominated motorsport. Already at a young age, she was a successful kart driver before starting in Formula 3, the DTM and finally as a test driver in Formula 1. In 2014 she made history at the British Grand Prix when she became the first woman to take part in a Formula 1 race weekend in 22 years. After retiring from active motorsport, she keeps on supporting women in motorsport with the "Dare To Be Different" initiative, as an ambassador for "She's Mercedes" and as Managing Director of the F1 Academy. Our speaker Susie Wolff works tirelessly for diversity and equality - also in her captivating keynotes.

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