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First-hand Success Strategies by our Speakers and Experts

Learn from the best! Discover the success stories and wisdom of our speakers, who offer valuable tips and strategies for personal and professional growth.

First-hand Success Strategies by our Speakers and Experts

Among them, for example, the British circumnavigator Dee Caffari. She is the first woman to circumnavigate the globe solo in both directions and the only woman to have circumnavigated the globe solo non-stop three times. Our speaker Dee Caffari is one of the UK's most inspirational women and in her keynotes she shows how to stay brave in tough times and how to achieve success with passion and belief in yourself. Her volunteer work for various organisations is also impressive.

Neuroscientist Volker Busch is an expert in mental health and motivation and shows in his sustainable lectures, for example, how we motivate employees in leadership positions, how we can deal with digital everyday stress and how we can gain hope and confidence even in uncertain times. In a world that is spinning faster and faster, our speaker Volker Busch shows his audience ways to stay productive and healthy.

Our speaker Steffi Jones, football world champion and former national coach of the women's national football team, is one of Germany's most successful female footballers of all time. She has ended her active career and contributes her passion for teamwork and team building as a manager at an IT service provider. Thus, the audience of her keynotes benefit from her experience from both the sports and the business world. An eloquent and much sought-after speaker, Steffi Jones shares her inspiring career with the audience, as well as her tips for motivation and team building.

André Henning is the head coach of the German national hockey team, with which he became world champion in 2023. He thus sparked a new hockey euphoria in Germany. Within a very short time, he managed to put the team on course for the championship, thereby ensuring the long-awaited triumph. In a rousing and passionate manner, he shares his recipes for success with the audience of his keynotes.

Our speaker Sahar Hashemi is one of Britain's most successful business founders and one of the country's most influential female personalities. She is the co-founder of the Coffee Republic chain, which became one of the best-known brands within a few years. Sahar is an entrepreneur with passion and inspires in her talks with her career and enthusiasm. She speaks on entrepreneurial leadership and on fostering creativity and innovation.

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