November 18, 2022 - 3 min read

Football World Cup in Qatar - Our Football Speakers and Experts

In two days, the World Cup will kick off in Qatar. 32 nations will compete in this extraordinary World Cup, which will take place in winter for the first time due to the great summer heat in the host country.

Football World Cup in Qatar - Our Football Speakers and Experts

Many of our speakers and experts talk about team building, motivation and success against the backdrop of the popular team sport.

Among them, for example, Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees' Committee and refereeing legend. Not only among football fans, our speaker Pierluigi Collina is considered the best referee of all time. Six times in a row he was voted FIFA World Referee of the Year during his active time and the International Association for Football History and Statistics has named him the best referee of all time. In his gripping lectures, our speaker talks about how to make the right decisions under pressure, how teams can function well together and how to manage them properly and how to communicate effectively. Pierluigi Collina is as passionate on the podium as he is on the football pitch. He gives his keynotes in English and Italian.

Hans-Dieter Hermann has been working as a sports psychologist for professional athletes and performance teams for many years - since 2004 also for the German national football team. Hans-Dieter Hermann also provides mental support for the team in Qatar - the fifth time he is taking part in a World Cup. Our speaker Hans-Dieter Hermann knows how to deal with pressure and stress and also shares his knowledge as coach of top business executives and as an internationally sought-after keynote speaker. He shows his audience how inspiring team leadership can look like, that success is a matter of the mind - just like failure, and what we can all learn from top athletes. Hans-Dieter Hermann is an experienced professional when it comes to stress prevention and management. The German national team in Qatar will certainly benefit from this once again.

As a former German national football player, Paul Breitner offers a very special look behind the scenes of a successful team in his lectures. The 1972 European Champion and 1974 World Champion is one of the best-known and most successful German footballers. Paul Breitner's trademarks are still his strength of opinion and his expertise. In his entertaining lectures, our speaker Paul Breitner talks, among other things, about how he made it from talent to world champion, how success can be planned and the importance of football in our society. In his usual provocative manner, he also addresses the issue of football between social mission, entertainment and commerce.

Birgit von Bentzel is the face of RTL sports reporting. As a TV presenter and reporter, she reports daily and with great enthusiasm on current events on the sports fields, race tracks and ski slopes of the world. Since 2003, she has regularly presented the sports news at RTL Aktuell and the sports enthusiast will also be reporting on the Football World Cup in Qatar. At n-tv she also presents the news and is the chief of staff for the sports news. But it is not only in front of the camera that Birgit von Bentzel impresses with her professionalism and quick-wittedness; she is also a real enrichment as a presenter of a wide variety of events.

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