April 5, 2024 - 1 min read

Hans Werner Sinn in an Exclusive Interview - Analyses of the Current Economic Situation

"The German business model is struggling"

This is what Hans-Werner Sinn says in our exclusive interview about the current economic situation.

Hans-Werner Sinn is Germany's most frequently quoted economic expert. He is the former president of the ifo Institute and professor emeritus at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. During his time as President of the ifo Institute, it became one of the leading German economic research institutes.

Challenges for Germany

He talks to us about the challenges he currently sees Germany facing and warns "We need politicians who take things seriously".

Whether it is education policy, labour market policy or energy policy - Hans-Werner Sinn does not shy away from clear words in our interview, as he sees "many construction sites that need to be worked on to get the country back on track."

The international economic situation

In addition to our questions on Germany's economic situation, Hans-Werner Sinn also answers questions on the international situation, such as trade relations with China and the effectiveness of the sanctions against Russia.

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