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Among the new speakers on our website is Nicola Baumann. Consistently and disciplined Nicola pursued her childhood dream of flying and became one of three female German Eurofighter pilots. Self-discipline was also needed for her goal to reach the finals of the privately financed initiative "The Astronaut" as one of 400 original applicants. In her inspiring keynotes, our speaker shows that you can make your dreams come true if you believe in yourself and keep on overcoming boundaries. Nicola Baumann also talks about aviation and outer space as well as leadership and the right way to deal with pressure to perform.

With Björn Conrad we have Germany's leading China experts on our website. Our speaker is CEO and co-founder of Sinolytics, a consulting company specializing in the Chinese market. For about two decades, Björn Conrad has been involved with China in various functions and in his presentations he paints a precise picture of modern China. Whether social scoring, technological or social developments, industry 4.0 in China or cooperation with China - Björn Conrad impresses with his profound knowledge and a wealth of experience.

Andreas Kuffner can also be found on our website. He is world champion and Olympic champion in the German eighth and a rousing motivator. As one of the most successful German rowers, he dedicates his lectures to teamwork and motivation. Our speaker shows, among other things, how to achieve goals and master changes together as a team and he gives useful impulses for everyday life. He can fall back on experiences from his 16-year sport career and make these usable also for everyday life.

With Lars-Johan Jarnheimer we present one of the best-known Swedish managers on our website. The Chairman of the IKEA Group has held leading management positions for more than 27 years and, as a keynote speaker, brings a great deal of expertise - particularly in the areas of customer service and innovative brand strategy.