June 29, 2021 - 1 min read

LSB Focus - How's the European Football Championship going, Manni Breuckmann?

In LSB Focus we ask our speakers questions about a current topic. Today we talk to sports reporter legend Manfred Breuckmann about the European Football Championship.

Shortly before the European Championship match between Germany and England, we had the opportunity to talk to legendary reporter Manni Breuckmann about the European Football Championship 2020, which takes place this year due to the pandemic. But is it a good decision to hold an international football tournament in different European cities in times like these? Does it enhance the image of football? Or does it rather harm its image? And what is Manni Breuckmann's tip for the round of 16 match between Germany and England? Will it come down to a penalty shoot-out again? How did he experience the legendary match at the 1996 European Championship?

In LSB Focus we asked Manni Breuckmann the important questions before the match.

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