June 21, 2023 - 2 min read

Pride Month - Diversity and Inclusion in the Keynotes of our Speakers

June is traditionally marked by the rainbow flag. We use the occasion to draw attention to our speakers who are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Pride Month - Diversity and Inclusion in the Keynotes of our Speakers

Our speaker Steffi Jones, for example, deals with the topics of respect and fair play, among others, and shows why diversity, error culture and leadership play a central role in everyday working life and why we need to rethink these in order for entrepreneurial success and team play to work in the workplace. Steffi Jones is 2003 World Champion and three-time European Champion, making her one of the most successful female footballers of all time.

Sabina Jeschke, manager, founder and scientist and former board member of Deutsche Bahn AG, lectures about Machine Learning, AI and Virtual Reality as well as about innovation and corporate cultures, about demographic change and about diversity in everyday business life. "Success needs diversity", says our speaker Sabine Jeschke.

Our speaker Ahmad Mansour, German-Israeli psychologist, author and multi-award-winning Islamism expert, campaigns against extremism and for more courage to express one's own opinion. In his lectures and workshops, he raises awareness on the topics of racism, discrimination, diversity and identities.

Psychologist and best-selling author Julia Shaw also talks about diversity in her lectures, and gives answers to the question of what we can do to create a healthier workplace. She is the founder of SPOT, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to combat discrimination at work, founder of the Bisexual Research Group and part of Queer Politics at Princeton University.

As the second woman in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft and one of only three German female Eurofighter pilots, Nicola Winter knows how important it is to have a diverse team in which different team members with different strengths work together. Our speaker is a reservist for the new class of ESA astronauts and diversity also plays a big role for astronaut teams.

Our speaker Anastasia Biefang, a lieutenant colonel in the German Armed Forces Air Force and the first openly transgender battalion commander in the German armed forces, is also committed to diversity and inclusion. Inside and outside the Bundeswehr, she is committed to LGBTIQ rights and is vice-chair of QueerBw. Diversity strategies for organisations and companies are just one of her exciting and diverse lecture topics.

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