July 5, 2023 - 2 min read

Rethinking Work - Our Speakers and Experts on the Future of Work

Not only since ChatGPT and artificial intelligence have been on all the news, the working models of the future have been discussed.

Rethinking Work - Our Speakers and Experts on the Future of Work

Digitalisation and the pandemic have also significantly changed the world of work in recent years. What will the workplace of the future look like and what role will work play in our lives in the future?

Numerous of our speakers and experts deal with the topics of New Work and the workplace of the future in their keynote speeches and help companies to prepare for the future and remain attractive as employers.

Among them, for example, the "startup heroine" Raffaela Rein, who is one of the 50 most influential women in the startup and venture capital scene according to "EU Startups". The co-founder of CareerFoundry and Vitalute is one of the "Forbes Top Women in Tech" 2018 and belongs to the "Capital 40 under 40" 2018. Our speaker Raffaela Rein knows her way around the new world of work, because she is part of it herself. In her informative talks, she gives impulses for personnel transformation in companies and stimulates an enthusiasm for the future of work.

In his lectures, philosopher, publicist and best-selling author Richard David Precht talks about the digital revolution and the future of work, among other topics. He deals with the dangers and potentials of the digital revolution and the change in the world of work. In his bestseller "Freiheit für alle", he shows how the transformation of the working world through self-learning computers and robots is changing our lives, our culture, our idea of education, and ultimately the whole of society.

Our speaker Nina Schick is one of the most renowned and sought-after experts on generative artificial intelligence. In one of her keynote speeches, she talks about generative AI and the future of work. Does generative AI endanger jobs and if so, which ones? What can we as human employees do to oppose Artificial Intelligence?

Our speaker Armin Falk was Programme Director at the Institute on the Future of Work (IZA) from 2003 to 2007. In his keynotes, the behavioural economist deals, for example, with leadership in the new normal and the question of how corporate culture can endure in times of change. According to Armin Falk, research in behavioural economics shows that trust is an essential prerequisite for cooperation. This is why companies that succeed in creating and maintaining a high level of willingness to cooperate among their staff are successful in the long run.

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