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The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing is approaching - Our speakers on the topic of space travel

On 20th July 2019 the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing will be celebrated

The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing is approaching - Our speakers on the topic of space travel

During the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to land on the moon and millions of television viewers around the world were watching live. Our speakers bring the fascination of space up close and bring the adventure of space travel to your event.

Among them the Apollo 11 legend Buzz Aldrin, who reports on the moon landing in his gripping lectures. Even at the age of almost 90, the former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is still committed to space travel and wants to inspire young people. He encourages his audience to "reach for the stars" and shares his memories of his significant journey on the moon, his travels since then, and his vision for the future.

Ulf Merbold is one of the few European astronauts with over 50 days experience in space and the only German to have been in orbit three times. As an astronaut of the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia in 1983, the physicist became one of the most popular German scientists and had a lasting influence on space exploration in general. As one of the pioneers of space travel, Ulf Merbold is now a much sought-after speaker on topics such as new technologies and teamwork.

Our speaker Laura Winterling was Astronaut Support Officer at ESA and astronaut instructor for eight years. The physicist taught astronauts such as Sunita Wlliams and Alexander Gerst technical knowledge to prepare them for their stay on the ISS space station. In her exciting speeches, our speaker will talk about life on the International Space Station and the mission to the ISS. Error culture and efficient communication are also part of her lecture topics.

Ulrich Walter was a member of the former German astronaut team from 1987 to 1994. As a member of the German Spacelab mission D2 he was the fifth German in space in 1993. Ulrich Walter is now Professor of Astronautics at the Elite Technical University in Munich and a fascinating speaker who talks about the fascination of space travel and the management of complex projects.

The Eurofighter pilot Nicola Baumann became known throughout Germany as a participant in the selection process of the privately financed initiative "Die Astronautin" (The Astronaut), which for the first time would like to send a German female astronaut into space. Flying and the universe are the passion of our speaker, who shows in her inspiring lectures that you can realize your dreams if you believe in yourself.

Our speaker Claude Nicollier is not only one of the best known pilots in the world, but also the only Swiss to have visited space. As part of the ESA-NASA cooperation programme, Nicollier flew into space four times with four different space shuttles. On his last flight aboard the Discovery in 1999, he proved himself with the rest of the crew as a service expert for the Hubble Space Telescope and undertook his first Space Walk.

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