July 7, 2023 - 2 min read

The Future of Germany- Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

In a recent article, "Die Welt" asks whether Germany will be able to maintain its prosperity in the future in the face of high inflation, scarce energy, climate transformation and a lack of skilled workers.

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Many of our speakers and experts deal with Germany's future prospects.

Among them, for example, our speaker Clemens Fuest, who told the "Handelsblatt" that unfortunately there will be no economic miracle, but rather something along the lines of sweat and tears. We should not be deceived, said the head of the Ifo Institute, who sees a period of " lean growth" coming to Germany, thus contradicting Chancellor Scholz, who had spoken of a "new economic miracle" due to the investments in connection with the ecological restructuring.

Our speaker Marcel Fratzscher, President of the DIW, spoke as recently as May in an interview with ZDF about the German economy being in a recession that was dramatic for many people. According to Marcel Fratzscher, the economic situation is very serious. On the one hand, the situation was not as bad as expected, but nevertheless the economic situation was very serious, because many people had significantly lower wage increases than inflation was, our speaker Marcel Fratzscher explained on ZDF.

In an interview with the Berliner Volksbank, our speaker Hans-Werner Sinn warned in March this year that life would become considerably more expensive. Germany's best-known national economist sees the spark for the current stagflation in the outbreak of the pandemic, when global supply chains collapsed.

In April, our speaker Lars Feld expressed concern about Germany's future as a business location following the sale of Viessmann to a US corporation. Lars P. Feld is one of Germany's top economists and one of the country's most renowned economic experts. He is professor of economic policy and regulatory economics at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg and director of the Walter Eucken Institute. In an interview with ZDF, he explained what needs to change to make Germany more attractive for companies again, because he sees a risk that the energy-intensive economy could migrate.

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