March 20, 2023 - 3 min read

The Hype around Generative AI - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

Generative AI such as ChatGPT is currently the talk of the town. But how does ChatGPT actually work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence? And does it put jobs at risk? Our speakers and experts provide answers to questions about generative AI and ChatGPT in their keynotes.

The Hype around Generative AI - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

Among them, for example, Dominik Bösl, leading robotics and AI expert. Bösl worked for Kuka and Festo for many years before becoming CEO of Micropsi Industries in 2022. In his keynotes, Dominik Bösl impresses with in-depth expert knowledge and technical expertise. He touches on robotics history in his presentations and takes a look into the future with his audience. What will ChatGPT enable us to do in the future? Dominik Bösl knows the answers.

Our speaker Ranga Yogeshwar, one of the most renowned science journalists in Germany, also deals with the topic of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. In his keynote on the topic, he explores, among other things, the question of who controls artificial intelligence and where it gets its knowledge from. What if ChatGPT spreads fake news and what are the ethics of AI? In a practical and understandable way, Ranga Yogeshwar offers insights into the future of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society and the future.

Nina Schick is an expert in generative AI and chat GPT and is specialized in this subject with her consulting firm. As one of the first GenAI experts, Nina Schick analyzes how this emerging field of artificial intelligence will change mankind. In her book "Deepfakes", our speaker Nina Schick predicts that by 2030, over 90% of online content will be "created" by AI. A renowned and much sought-after speaker, Nina Schick's topics include AI and the future of content, as well as generative AI strategies for businesses.

Constanze Kurz, hacker and IT security expert, has already been working for many years on data protection and ethics in connection with digitization and artificial intelligence. In her presentations, our speaker Constanze Kurz talks about, what ChatGPT is really capable of and what it is not, among other things. Is ChatGPT really that smart and can AI take over our thinking? Constanze Kurz has the answers.

Our speaker Richard Gutjahr also speaks as a media and network expert on numerous topics related to digitization. With his talk "OpenAI, ChatGPT and Dall-e", he takes his audience on a journey into the future of artificial intelligence. Richard Gutjahr is a journalist and advises companies on their digital strategy. In his presentations, he shares his impressive expertise with his audience.

As an IT security expert and hacker, our speaker Linus Neumann also deals with the topic of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Linus Neumann advises companies from the financial sector and operators of critical infrastructures. In the Chaos Computer Club he is involved in net political topics. In his lectures, Linus Neumann raises awareness for more security on the net and also addresses critical questions.

As a Big Data expert, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is also an expert on ChatGPT and artificial intelligence issues. He addresses the social consequences of data use and outlines a clear vision for the role of data-driven AI, as well as for human inventiveness. In his keynotes, our speaker Viktor Meyer-Schönberger illustrates, among other things, that strategies on digital transformation and data use need to be adapted and how data access and data use are changing our multi-polar world.

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