January 9, 2023 - 2 min read

To Start the New Year right - Meet our Motivational Speakers and Experts

Start the new year full of motivation with our speakers and experts.

To Start the New Year right - Meet our Motivational Speakers and Experts

Do you want to start the new year with new motivation and new energy? We have the speakers and experts who will provide the right amount of motivation for the new year with their lectures.

Our keynote speaker Volker Busch, for example, shares innovative methods for health and stress prevention, performance maintenance, motivation and inspiration at work and in everyday life. As a specialist in neurology as well as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, he dedicates his scientifically based lectures to the problems of the modern working world and shows how to get stress and deadline pressure under control. In his lecture "Myth of Motivation", our speaker Volker Busch shows what moves people and employees and how to move them. Brain-friendly employee motivation is also one of his exciting and sustainable lecture topics.

Helga Hengge, who was the first German to successfully climb Mount Everest, shows in her lectures how to keep motivating oneself even in difficult situations. Our speaker is the first German woman to stand on the Seven Summits and a real expert on motivation. In her gripping talks, she lets her audience participate in her adventures and in her life between creative work and top athletic performance, also by means of spectacular pictures.

Hans-Dieter Hermann has been working as a sports psychologist for more than three decades - for many years he has also been supporting the German national football team in its victories and defeats. He was also part of the team's close support staff when they won the World Cup in 2014. In his lectures, our speaker Hans-Dieter Hermann shows, among other things, what we can learn from top athletes in terms of motivation. Success, like failure, begins in the mind, as Hans-Dieter Hermann shows in his vivid keynotes.

Our speaker Jonas Deichmann, adventurer and extreme athlete, is also an expert on motivation. He has circumnavigated the world single-handedly in a triathlon - so if anyone knows anything about motivation, it's Jonas Deichmann. In his impressive lectures, he describes his adventure and manages to transfer his motivational tricks to everyday working life. "Do shit first" is one of his thoroughly valuable tips with which he motivates his audience and spurs them on to achieve goals with ease. Jonas Deichmann also shows how to deal with setbacks and remain optimistic.

In his lectures, the former professional poker player and poker expert Caspar Berry motivates people to take calculated risks and to critically question and evaluate decisions. Motivation and innovation are just as much a part of the lecture topics of our speaker Caspar Berry as the psychology of decision-making processes.

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