August 2, 2023 - 3 min read

Today is Earth Overshoot Day - Our Keynote Speakers on Sustainability

With Earth Overshoot Day, the earth's ecological breaking point has been reached today, meaning that all renewable resources for 2023 have been used up and we are indebted to the earth.

Today is Earth Overshoot Day -      Our Keynote Speakers on Sustainability

On Earth Overshoot Day, experts are calling for the expansion of renewable energies, curbing waste and pollution and rethinking mobility and nutrition. Many of our speakers also deal with these topics.

Among them, for example, Katja Diehl. The expert on mobility and bestselling author is tirelessly committed to a climate and socially fair mobility revolution. She aims for a society that works together to build an attractive and climate-friendly future for everyone and advocates for a better quality of life in cities and in the countryside. Katja Diehl's goal is a fair mobility of the future focusing on people and making our world worth living in.

Timo Leukefeld is a pioneer in the energy and solar industry and has the vision of a genuine, collaborative realignment in energy issues. With his company "Timo Leukefeld - Energy connects" he advises politics, business, banks, building societies, municipalities and builders on questions of shaping the future regarding energy and resources. As a keynote speaker, Timo Leukefeld shows new ways of dealing with resources and energy.

Hannah Emde is a wildlife veterinarian who is passionate about species conservation. Highlighting the importance of biodiversity is Hannah Emde's matter of the heart. Hannah Emde is a much sought-after expert on biodiversity and the importance of species conservation, raising awareness of the fact that our well-being depends on an intact nature and shows what each and every individual can do to preserve the habitats for animals and humans.

Our speaker David Katz is founder and CEO of The Plastic Bank, the world’s only organization to monetize plastic waste and provide an opportunity for the world's disadvantaged to collect and trade plastic waste as a currency. With his global network of micro recycling markets David Katz empowers the poor to transcend poverty by cleaning the environment.

Jeremy Leggett is Britain's most respected green energy boss. He is the founder and chairman of Solarcentury, currently one of Europe's fastest growing renewable energy companies. He began his career as a geologist, researching the history of oceans, exploring for oil, and working on oil source rocks funded by oil companies such as BP and Shell, while on the faculty at Imperial College. Increasingly concerned about global warming, he left to become an environmental campaigner with Greenpeace International

Claudia Kemfert is considered Germany's best-known environmental economist. The economic expert in the fields of energy research and climate protection not only shows the perspectives of climate change, but also calculates its economic consequences.

Our speaker Lewis Pugh is an endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans. Pugh is the first person to swim long distances on all five of the world's oceans and is the world's best cold-water swimmer. With his work he wants to draw more attention to the most endangered ecosystems on earth and their protection.

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