Chat Club with Albrecht von Lucke

Today's guest on the Chat Club podcast is the renowned publicist Albrecht von Lucke. He has been editor of the political monthly "Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik" since 2003 and also writes regularly for other newspapers such as "Freitag" and "taz". Albrecht von Lucke is a popular guest on TV and radio, where he can be seen as a political commentator and panelist on programmes such as ARD-Presseclub, Phoenix-Runde, Maischberger and Maybrit Illner.

In our Chat Club podcast, he talks to Roland Vestring about his career and his rather accidental choice of profession, and how he spends his time during the Corona pandemic.

He assesses Angela Merkel's chancellorship for us as well as the current situation of the SPD and searches a successor for the chancellorship.

You can look forward to an entertaining and frank conversation with Albrecht von Lucke.

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