Chat Club with Anastasia Biefang

This week's Chat Club guest is our speaker Anastasia Biefang. As the first openly transgender battalion commander in the German armed forces, she is a tireless advocate for diversity - not only in the Bundeswehr.

Anastasia Biefang lived as a man for 40 years before she made public what she had felt for a long time: she is a woman.

How did her environment react to her coming out? And what was the reaction of her supervisor in the Bundeswehr? How did her battalion react to her as a woman? Does she notice that her role in society has changed?

She recently made headlines because of the dispute with her employer over her Tinder profile. In the Chat Club, she talks about the background and why she is not afraid to take legal action.

What is her role in the Bundeswehr? And what does leadership mean to her? What's the message of her keynote?

Anastasia Biefang answers these and other questions in our very personal conversation.

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