Chat Club with Cathryn Clüver-Ashbrook

Cathryn Clüver-Ashbrook is one of the most sought-after experts on transatlantic foreign policy and trade policy. We are therefore all the more pleased that she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us in detail at our Chat Club.

Growing up in a German-American and very politicized home, she was confronted with transatlantic issues at an early age. Foreign policy and international relations have been the central theme of her career to date.

Among other things, she talks to us about what "They might be Giants" has to do with geopolitics and why German refrigerators are there to oppress women. What impresses and what annoys her about the USA? And what annoys her about Germany? Does she like to be asked how she balances family and career, and when will she run her next marathon?

Take a listen to our conversation with Cathryn Clüver-Ashbrook - in which, of course, we don't miss the opportunity to also talk about foreign policy, international relations and the importance of cities and urbanization.

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