Chat Club with Frank Stauss

Frank Stauss is Germany's best-known election campaigner. He is a political scientist, best-selling author and founder of a communications agency.

As "the power in the background" (Stern), he knows all facets of election campaigning. Since the beginning of his career as an election campaign manager with the Clinton/Grore campaign, he has shaped over 30 election campaigns in 25 years, including for Gerhard Schröder, Klaus Wowereit and Malu Dreyer.

In the Chat Club podcast, Frank Stauss gives insights into his career and his election campaigns over the past decades. How was the switch from the Clinton/Gore campaign to Germany? And what were the differences in the election campaigns he managed? What makes election campaigns so fascinating for him and how should one best react to shitstorms and deal with defeats?

His bestseller "Hell's Ride Election Campaign" and the power of language are also topics of the talk with Roland Vestring.

You can look forward to deep insights into gripping election campaigns and an exciting look behind the scenes with Frank Stauss.

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