Chat Club with Hans-Dieter Hermann

Prof Dr Hans-Dieter Hermann is one of the most renowned sports psychologists in Germany. He has been active in high-performance sports for around three decades and became known to a broad public primarily through his many years as sports psychologist for the German national football team. When the team won the 2014 World Cup, he was a member of the team's closest coaching staff, and he is still part of the team behind the team under Hansi Flick.

In addition to top-level sports, Hans-Dieter Hermann also works as a consultant and coach in companies and in politics. He advises top executives in the German economy from Dax companies as well as from traditional family businesses.

In our Chat Club Podcast he talks about how he found his way to psychology and sports psychology and how it felt to be one of the first of his guild. He explains how he supports top athletes in their successes and shows how his advice for top athletes can also be applied in professional life.

Enjoy a look behind the sports scene with Hans-Dieter Hermann and a very insightful talk with our speaker Hans-Dieter Hermann.

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