Chat Club with Joachim Pawlik

With Joachim Pawlik, I welcome one of Germany's most renowned HR developers to the Chat Club this week. He is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an eloquent speaker with an impressive message, because for him, people are always at the centre of entrepreneurial success.

In our podcast, Joachim Pawlik talks about how a rafting trip in Australia became a metaphor for his life and how coincidences have influenced his path in life. The Club of Optimists, on whose board he sits, is also the topic of our informative conversation, as is the annual Pawlik Congress, its impressive line-up of speakers and its annually changing theme.

How does a footballer become a successful entrepreneur? What does football teach you for your career? What does good leadership look like and how does a company manage to commit employees?

Joachim Pawlik has answers to these and many other questions. Come and have a listen.

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