Chat Club with José Manuel Barroso

José Manuel Barroso was President of the European Commission for ten years and previously Prime Minister of Portugal. Since January 2021, he has been Chairman of the Board of GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance.

His expertise and insights make the passionate European a sought-after speaker. His opinions and views on Europe are as much in demand as his expertise as Chairman of the Board of the Vaccination Alliance Gavi.

On the occasion of an event, we had the opportunity to talk to José Manuel Barroso about the current state of Europe. That is the reason why we are publishing a podcast this week that, as an exception, is not about personal matters, but about the challenges that Europe is currently facing.

José Manuel Barroso takes us through a wide range of topics, from the current situation in Europe, the major challenges for the European Union, to the prospects for the future of Europe. How can the war in Ukraine be ended and what can be done afterwards? How should we shape European-Chinese relations in the future and what is the state of US-European relations?

José Manuel Barroso also talks about his meetings with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in our Chat Club Podcast.

You will surely enjoy this conversation with exciting insights and outlooks.

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