Chat Club with Josef Braml

Josef Braml is one of the most distinguished experts on the USA of our time. More than two decades of experience in academic policy advice make him not only one of the most sought-after interview partners in the media, but also a sought-after keynote speaker.

His successful career has led him to DGAP, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Aspen Institute, Brookings Institution, World Bank and as a legislative advisor to the US House of Representatives.

In the Chat Club podcast, he talks not only about his extraordinary career and why he is very grateful to America, but also about the current situation in the US. How was Donald Trump able to win the election at the time and how deeply divided is the American society? How does the future of the transatlantic relationship look? And what consequences does this have for German enterprises?

In our Chat Club podcast, Josef Braml impresses us not only with his in-depth expertise on the USA, but also with his good sense of humour - and explains why he knows a thing or two about "bullshit".

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