Chat Club with Julius van de Laar

Julius van de Laar is a campaign and strategy consultant. During the 2012 US election campaign, he worked full-time as Regional GOTV Director, managing voter mobilisation for Barack Obama in Ohio.

After Obama's election victory, he brought his experience as a consultant to the 2009 and 2013 federal election campaigns, as well as to various European election campaigns and NGO campaigns.

In the Chat Club podcast, Julius van de Laar talks about his path from promising basketball player to Barack Obama's campaign team. How does the US election campaign differ from the election campaign in Germany and why does every election campaign need a hero and an anti-hero?

Why did he have to say goodbye to his dream of becoming a second Dirk Nowitzki? And why does he now live out his passion for basketball in the basement of the Paul Löbe House?

Meet Julius van de Laar in our Chat Club podcast.

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