Chat Club with Kai Diekmann

Kai Diekmann is one of Germany's best-known journalists. Diekmann spent a large part of his career at Springer Verlag - 16 years at the very top of the BILD newspaper. Today he is the successful founder of Storymachine and the Future Fund and a much sought-after interview partner on current topics.

In our Chat Club Podcast, Kai Diekmann talks, among other things, about the origins of his friendship with Helmut Kohl and why he once left him on the autobahn. His not always easy relationship with the taz is also a topic of the conversation, as is the connection between him and the highest taz circulation of all time.

Why Kai Diekmann sees himself in the role of caretaker at Storymachine and how ice bathing became his passion - you can find out all about it in our Chat Club Podcast.

You can look forward to getting to know Kai Diekmann from a very personal side.

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