Chat Club with Linus Neumann

Linus Neumann is one of Germany's best-known and most sought-after IT security experts.

The qualified psychologist and hacker advises companies in the financial sector and operators of critical infrastructures. He is active in the Chaos Computer Club on network policy issues. Together with Tim Pritlove, Linus Neumann has the very successful weekly podcast "Logbuch:Netzpolitik", in which they inform about what is going on in net politics.

Since the age of ten, our speaker Linus Neumann has been fascinated by the world of source codes. In our Chat Club podcast, he talks about the beginnings of his life as a hacker and tells us about the involvement of his father.

He talks about the development of blockchain and the consequences of "blockchain theatre" as well as about some particularly tricky IT security cases that he has already solved for his clients.

Linus, are our phones really eavesdropping on us? And what do you want the audience to learn from your talks?

Join us for a very informative and sometimes funny talk with our speaker Linus Neumann.

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