Chat Club with Marcel Fratzscher

DIW President Marcel Fratzscher is one of the best-published German-speaking economists and has received numerous awards for his scientific and journalistic work. He is one of the closest advisors to the German government and a professor of macroeconomics at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Marcel Fratzscher is a much sought-after contributor to the media, a successful author, writes a column in ZEIT Online as well as commentaries in a variety of national and international media.

In our Chat Club podcast, he talks with Roland Vestring about dealing with the issue of wealth, about Ludwig Erhard and about inflation and debt, among other things.

Why did he become an economist and what does he particularly enjoy about his profession? What luxuries could he not do without? And what attracts him to bungee jumping?

Meet Marcel Fratzscher from a completely different perspective in the Chat Club podcast.

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