Chat Club with Peter Altmeier

Today's guest at the Chat Club is the former Federal Minister of Economics and former Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier.

Peter Altmaier is one of the most influential figures in the CDU. After 27 years as a member of the German Bundestag, he retired from active politics in 2021, having also held various ministerial posts over the years.

There is much to report from almost three decades in politics. The former Federal Minister takes us into his past and tells us how he came to politics and what the real reason is why his grandmother voted for the FDP. He tells us why he nevertheless decided to join the CDU and who are the politicians having impressed and influenced him. The close companion of Angela Merkel recounts how he got to know the former chancellor and how he became a member of "Angie's Boygroup".

Peter Altmaier impresses in our Chat Club Podcast with his political experience and foresight. In our podcast, the passionate European proves that political thinking and action do not end with leaving office.

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