Chat Club with Sven Plöger

Sven Plöger, one of the best-known and most popular weather presenters on German television, is our guest in the Chat Club.

Sven Plöger says about himself that he has a "weather-is-interesting-gene" - and effortlessly manages to spread this enthusiasm to his viewers. Sven Plöger is also involved in the current intense debate on climate change and the energy transition as a welcome and competent guest on talk shows and major TV shows, as the author of numerous guest articles in newspapers and magazines, and as the author of books on the subject of climate.

Humorous and always in a cheerful mood, Sven Plöger is also a much sought-after speaker.

As a guest on our Chat Club podcast, he talks not only about the climate, but also about the compatibility of his hobbies with climate change. His opinion on the Last Generation protests and his apparently inexhaustible optimism are also topics of our chat.