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Dominic Alldis

Orchestral Conductor
Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London


Business & Management


Culture / Creativity
Corporate Culture



Dominic Alldis is an orchestral conductor, jazz pianist and business speaker. He performs regularly in concert halls, festivals and jazz clubs around the world, and has made many acclaimed recordings. He is also an Honorary Associate and professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

In 1998 he founded Music & Management and for over 15 years he has been working with the world’s leading companies and business schools to create powerful learning experiences that use the metaphor of music to explore a range of key business concerns: leadership, collaboration, creativity, listening, decision-making, talent-management and the pursuit of excellence.

Dominic engages his audiences with musical analogies that invite the business world to share his insights and embrace both a classical and jazz metaphor for understanding business organizations. His seminars often involve a live symphony orchestra or jazz band, or a solo piano performance. He describes how the conductor of an orchestra provides an artistic vision, inspirational leadership and a framework in which others can excel. He also examines how the world of jazz mirrors the fast-moving turbulence of today's business climate, and how the creativity and spontaneity of jazz musicians provide an excellent model for today’s corporate player.

Dominic has delivered keynote speeches and musical experiences for many leading companies around the world. Dominic has also contributed to executive development programmes at Columbia Business School (New York), CEDEP/INSEAD (Paris), Institute of Management Development (Lausanne) & London Business School (London).

Dominic works with the world's leading companies and organisations to create corporate training experiences that explore the parallels between music and business. By examining the conductor's role within an orchestra, the jazz band and improvisation, and the creative process of a composer, Dominic introduces a dynamic vocabulary for discussing leadership, teamwork, innovation and personal development, inviting participants to explore new ways of thinking about business practice. Dominic offers a range of musical events, all of which can be adapted to meet specific corporate training objectives.


  • Leadership and the Orchestral Conductor
  • Teamwork - Collaboration and the Jazz Musician
  • Creativity and the Composer