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Patrick Kramer

Chief Cyborg Officer


Innovation & Future





Dr. Patrick Kramer is a Biohacker, Founder and Innovator, who holds various degrees from different universities around the world and has followed several other post-university tracks at national and international business schools.

Patrick is a global keynote speaker with over 16 years of work-experience in leading IT- & consulting companies like IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the areas of "Digital Transformation" and „Internet-of-Things“.

In 2014 he founded “Digiwell” – Upgraded Humans” an international biohacking platform dedicated to upgrade and transform humans and organizations. Furthermore he is a founding member of “Vivokey Technologies” a company to augment the human body with the next generation of non-medical implants.

In Patrick’s vision, technology will more and more be worn under the skin. Wearing implants himself, he also experiments and develops the next-generation of cyborg technology.

In his keynotes, workshops and seminars Patrick gives a deep insight into the world of smart implants and bodyhacking. He shows what a future looks like when we are able to connect our brains directly to the internet via brain implants. He also deals with the burning question of how digital we actually want to be. Upgraded humans are going to change everything.

His work and insights into near- and inbody technology has been internationally recognized among others by Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, RedBull Media, PCWorld, CeBIT, and others. He is a proud speaker at TEDx – Ahead of time, CeBIT Global Conferences, Wired Future Fest and has been inspiring various corporations around the world.


  • Cyborgs and the Rise of Biohacking
  • Digital Transformation 2.0 - The Human Body
  • My Life in the Future
  • Internet of Things