February 1, 2024 in Artificial Intelligence

Exclusive Talk with Top-AI-Expert Rumman Chowdhury

Dr Rumman Chowdhury is one of the 100 inspiring women on the BBC's 100 Women list. For Forbes, Rumman Chowdhury is "one of five shaping AI."

Expert, Pioneer and Entrepreneur

Rumman is an expert and pioneer in responsible and ethical AI as well as CEO and founder of Humane Intelligence. She is fascinated by the intersection between artificial intelligence and humanity.

In our exclusive interview, Dr Rumman Chowdhury discusses the many risks associated with AI. "AI reflects the societal biases that we see in the institutions around us... it reflects to a large extent all the evils that we see in the world today." Chowdhury emphasises that it is our job as humans to ensure that these tendencies are not perpetuated.

Implications for the Future of Work

She explores how the emerging technologies will impact the future of work, stating that "AI systems will not take away all jobs", though she believes 10% of most jobs will be automated.

"Moral outsourcing", a term coined by Chowdhury, refers to "when we humanise AI". She discusses the dangers associated with this. Another problem caused by the AI revolution is the many myths that accompany it. Chowdhury makes a valuable contribution to debunking these myths.

Goals for AI Development

As a recognised expert in the field of AI, she talks about her goals: "We want to ensure that every AI product is developed with ethics and people in mind." Questions that need to be thought about intensively are: How should the laws be reshaped? How can ordinary people understand how AI will affect them? In this rapidly evolving field, how are companies held accountable when their AI systems harm people?

Rumman has worked with Fortune 500 executives and companies on a global scale and one of the pieces of advice she gives everyone is, "AI is just a product that you implement.... Your goals and values should always come first."