October 17, 2023 in Artificial Intelligence

Our Speakers on Artificial Intelligence - Manfred Müller

How is AI being used in aviation and medicine? What are the opportunities and the risks? Our speaker Manfred Müller is an expert and knows the answers.

Manfred Müller: Expert with Decades of Experience

Manfred Müller looks back on more than four decades as an aircraft pilot at Deutsche Lufthansa AG. In addition to his work as a training captain on the Airbus A330, A340 and A350 aircraft types, he was head of flight safety research at Lufthansa AG for many years.

For many years, our speaker Manfred Müller has also been dealing with the topic of "Risk Management in Medicine" and developed seminars for medical personnel for this purpose.

KI Applications in Aviation: Opportunities and Challenges

Our speaker Manfred Müller shares his extensive knowledge about the use of artificial intelligence in aviation. He explains how AI helps pilots' work and what risks this technology can bring. Using concise examples from the aviation industry, he shows where increased automation makes sense and in which situations it has already led to challenges.

AI in Medicine: Innovation and Concerns

Learn how artificial intelligence also plays an important role in medicine. Manfred Müller discusses how AI can support doctors and minimise human errors. At the same time, he sheds light on the reservations that exist about AI in both aviation and medicine and how these concerns can be overcome.

Personal Perspectives: Manfred Müller's Point of View on Artificial Intelligence

Finally, our speaker Manfred Müller shares his personal views on Artificial Intelligence. He reflects on the opportunities and challenges of this technology from the perspective of an expert with decades of experience in aviation and medical risk management.