December 1, 2023 in Geopolitics

Exclusive Interview - Focus on India with Walter Lindner

Walter Lindner looks back on an impressive diplomatic career, which ended in 2022 after three years as German ambassador to India.

Exclusive Interview with Walter Lindner

Thanks to his time as an ambassador and numerous travels, Walter Lindner knows India like no other. He first travelled to the country as a student and it has remained his dream destination ever since. In 2019, his diplomatic career finally took him back to India for three years.

In our exclusive interview, he shares his experiences and insights into the dynamic and innovative India, which is playing an increasingly important role in the geopolitical coordinate system.

Geopolitical Significance and Strategic Partnership

Which role does the fact that India is the most densely populated country in the world play, how does this shape the consciousness of Indians? What is the geopolitical significance of German-Indian relations? Is there a strategic partnership between Germany and India? And what can we learn from India?

India's relationship with China is just as much a topic of the conversation as India's colonial past. And, of course, Walter Lindner also answers the question of where his fascination for India comes from.

The old West and the new South

In his book "The Old West and the New South", which will be published in 2024, Walter Lindner also deals with India. He warns against the arrogance of the West and shows how we can win over the global South to shape the world together.

Walter Lindner as a speaker

As a speaker, Walter Lindner impresses with his in-depth knowledge as an experienced crisis manager and widely travelled diplomat. Walter Lindner's keynote speeches are an unforgettable experience thanks to his deep insights into geopolitical contexts and outlooks on the world of tomorrow.