Keynote Speaker

Find the right keynote speaker - perfectly fitting to your event.

Our brilliant international contacts save you the hassle of searching for a suitable keynote speaker. From our network of excellent keynote speakers, you choose a personality who will make your event an absolute highlight.

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Which qualities should a good a keynote speaker have?

First and foremost, the keynote speaker, lecturer or moderator must be able to inspire and carry away the audience. The keynote speaker must be able to arouse emotions with his keynote. He should take the audience along with him on the path of his thoughts and, even on technically demanding or seemingly difficult topics, speak in a comprehensible and easy-to-understand manner and a clear structure of the speech is of course also essential.

So we are particularly pleased to be able to provide you with renowned and top-class keynote speakers from all fields for your meeting or conference. Our excellent network allows us to provide you with the right keynote speaker, often a renowned expert in his field, as for example sustainability, environment, sports, energy, motivation, politics, business, management, society, economics and culture.

We are especially proud to have politicians like Sigmar Gabriel or Jean-Claude Juncker in our network as well as journalists like Dunja Hayali or Richard Quest and successful managers like Joe Kaeser, Richard Branson and Sabina Jeschke.


Our speaker agency London Speaker Bureau, with its unique worldwide network has been offering excellent speakers and keynote speakers for all kinds of occasions. We make sure that you benefit from

  • Reliable and professional support
  • Individual consulting in the run-up to the event, including contract handling and complete travel
  • Our worldwide network

No matter whether you are planning a cultural event, preparing a congress or considering any other meeting or conference: With our support, you will find the perfect keynote speaker who will make your event unforgettable and who will inspire your audience.