Well-known personalities as professional speakers

Thanks to our worldwide network we are able to offer outstanding speakers from all areas. You are the one benefitting from our many years of expertise.

The professional speaker is the centrepiece of your event. When it comes to choose the perfect speaker, first of all the type of event is important as the keynotes of our speakers are tailor-made for your event.

As the respective audience also varies from event to event, the professional speaker at congresses addressing matters of sustainability, the environment, energy, society, culture, politics, the future and the economy will certainly have a different content framework to consider than the speaker lecturing on motivation, for example.

The topics of leadership, business and management also require very special, dedicated speaker personalities.

What makes a good professional speaker?

There is one quality that the keynote speaker must have, regardless of whether he is a technical or motivational speaker: The speaker has a duty to captivate the audience. After all, a speaker who gives a technical talk without taking the audience on his journey has a tiring effect on all listeners, not making your event a big success.

Since all our speakers are, without exception, top-class professionals in their field, such as the former editor-in-chief of FOCUS and DIE WELT and founder of the magazine Cicero, Dr Wolfram Weimer, the endurance athlete and entrepreneur Joey Kelly, and Prof Dr Claudia Kemfert, Professor of Energy Economics and Sustainability, your event will always benefit in the two aspects that matter most:

  • A professionally delivered, captivating lecture
  • A perfectly matching speaker personality

Our global speaker agency has a worldwide network and offers you outstanding, renowned speakers from all areas for all occasions.

You can benefit from

  • Our many years of experience
  • Our brilliant network with our offices all over the world
  • Expert advice, including complete contract handling and travel logistics
  • An extensive national as well as international pool of speakers
  • Close contacts to well-known politicians, scientists, journalists and celebrities

This enables you to book the perfect speaker - male or female - for your event.

Whether it's a meeting, congress or conference: Our experts will turn your event into an event of superlatives! Due to our internationality and our excellent network, we can offer you a unique spectrum of top-class speakers in all areas.

Contact us, we look forward to support you with advice and our service at all times!