March 20, 2024 - 2 min read

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Walter Lindner

Many of our speakers are not only outstanding keynote speakers, but also talented authors who publish inspiring books.

Book Club - New Publications by our Speakers: Walter Lindner

We use this space to regularly draw attention to current new publications and take a closer look at them. We invite you to join us to discover the latest books by our speakers that are worth talking about.

Exception among top diplomats

Walter J. Lindner is a lawyer, diplomat and musician. During his time as ambassador, he was considered an exception among top diplomats and "Germany's most colourful ambassador". In the course of his career, the experienced crisis manager was, among other things, spokesman for Joschka Fischer and State Secretary at the Federal Foreign Office under Sigmar Gabriel. Most recently, he was German ambassador to India until 2022.

Most recently, Lindner was the German ambassador to India until 2022, fulfilling his lifelong dream, as India had been his dream destination since student days. Walter Lindner knows India like only a few others.

"Der alte Westen und der neue Süden: Was wir von Indien lernen sollten, bevor es zu spät ist“

Next week his book " Der alte Westen und der neue Süden” will be published, in which he shows us how India really is: young, dynamic and innovative - in other words, everything that the West is not. With the New South, the geopolitical coordinate system has a new axis alongside East and West.

Geopolitical changes of our time

Using India as an example, Walter Lindner describes the major geopolitical changes of our time in a personal and approachable way. He documents the end of European dominance and the new self-confidence of the Global South and questions the western arrogance. After all, democracy does not always have to look like it once did in the old Federal Republic. He shows that we have to be prepared to reckon with India, as the world's most populous country is a gigantic sales market, a reservoir of skilled labour and an IT hub.

The contrasts of India

Our speaker Walter Lindner helps us to understand India's contrasts with his book "The Old West and the New South". He takes us on an exciting journey and uses India as an example to show how we can shape the world together with the Global South.

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